How long will the dip powder manicure last? 

Dip powder manicures last 2-3 weeks. 

How long does the whole dip powder manicure take?

Many find it easy to complete their manicure in under 30 minutes once they become familiar with the steps.

Do I really have to dip 3 times in the powder?

If you like the color pigment after 2 dips, feel free to stop there. 2-3 dips is the safe zone. More than 3 dips will result in an unnaturally thick nail.

How are dip manicures different from gel manicures?

Dip nails don't require UV/LED light to dry and are typically a much quicker process to apply from start to finish. 

How do I remove dip powder?

You will need to soak in 100% acetone. Regular nail polish remover will not work for dip powder.