About NewMe Glam

There is something so special about having your hands perfectly manicured - the beauty, the confidence, the glam! But we know time is a precious commodity for the 21st-century woman and man, which is why we developed a vegan, cruelty-free nail solution that lets you look good and feel good, all without missing a beat. NewMe Glam was founded by Laurie Tsui in Boston, and her goal is to make self-care more accessible to the modern professional, busy parent, and time-pressed student alike. 

NewMe Glam's manicure kit utilizes a dip powder system that is much faster than the typical salon process and can be done in the comfort of your home. Importantly, it's a UV-less, skin-healthy alternative to the UV treatments frequently used in salon manicure processes. When you factor in the time, health and cost advantages, it's hard not to include NewMe Glam's dip powder manicure in your regular self-care routine. NewMe Glam is excited to help you become your best self!