NewMe Glam's Sizzling Summer Collection

NewMe Glam is releasing their summer collection with fun, eye-catching colors. The new Vacation Collection includes Red Riot, Watermelon Bliss, Ivory Queen, Tealquila, Blue Babe, and Peachly Coral as the 6 new shades. The goal of this collection was to find the most popular summer colors and include them together for the most value-packed kit. Each color stands alone in its beauty and allure. 

When NewMe Glam conducted surveys on favorite summer nail colors, there were a few shades consistently listed.  Bright pinks and bright reds were a frequent top choice. Solid white was a summer classic for many nail enthusiasts. Teal is linked to the popular tiffany blue color that brings a bold and fun look to life. A light blue shade is elegant and dainty like summer blue skies. It’s a sleeper hit - typically not the first color choice but liked by the majority. Light peachy pink is a safe shade that gives an effortlessly cool finish for a more conservative occasion. These colors together will complement any summer event whether it’s going to a wedding, the beach or brunch. 

NewMe Glam’s dip powder nail kit has all the tools and ingredients for an easy at-home experience. The process can be completed in under 30 minutes. Lunch break? Kids down for a nap? No meetings scheduled? It’s easy to reach for the nail kit and give yourself a manicure that will last 3 weeks. This is much faster than the time it takes to go door to door from a nail salon. The kit is portable and easy to pop in a bag and take on vacation. The convenience of having a nail salon on hand is quite amazing. Dip powder is very popular these days. This is due to its fast drying features and long lasting manicures. 

The Vacation Collection is the second collection released by NewMe Glam this year following their successful launch in February. The small e-commerce company saw their sales rise from single digits to hundreds in the span of a few months. Founder and CEO, Laurie Tsui, started NewMe Glam because she wanted to make the nail care process from home easier and faster. NewMe Glam’s dip powder kit has been a hit with mothers. When the babies go down for a nap, mothers can pamper themselves and finish a manicure in less than 30 minutes. NewMe Glam plans to continue making new colors and expanding beauty options for their customers.